Patient voice helps healthcare providers understand patient requirements and deliver improved quality of care. It is crucial information that hospitals use to ensure that doctors, patients, and caregivers all feel heard in an evolving healthcare system. There are two important aspects that healthcare providers need to address with regards to patient voice. The first is finding the right sources for patient voice, and the second is having an unbiased system of collecting the feedback. In this blog, our focus is on the former, wherein we explore reliable sources from where we can get patient voice in healthcare.

How patient voice helps the healthcare experience

Receiving timely feedback…

Are you looking to manage your brand reputation online? News monitoring is the process of extracting references to your brand from mainstream media. News sentiment analysis takes those mentions and scores them for positive or negative sentiment. This allows you to understand how the public feels about your company.

These insights can be applied to improve your brand’s competitive advantage and market share. If you want your company to prosper, you must look for brand insights in those channels where people are expressing their feelings toward it. News coverage is one of those channels.

Online brand mentions in the news…

Healthcare data analytics refers to the collection and analysis of patient data to improve medical care and patient experience. Patients go through a continuum of caregiving from diagnosis to recovery. This medical journey is called patient experience (PX). Artificial intelligence, in the form of machine learning, can be applied to this type of analytics to make patient experience data reviews faster, more accurate, and multilingual.

The quality-of-care interactions that patients receive at different points in their journey culminate as their holistic experience. Uncovering PX using healthcare analytics can help medical providers make required improvements across their enterprise.

Hospitals, for example…

Many companies are adopting Natural Language Processing (NLP) because of the great business and growth opportunities it brings.

In this blog, we explore this amazing AI-powered technology and how it can help your organization. You can also use the Table of Contents below to skip ahead to any topic you are interested in.

  1. What is Natural Language Processing?
  2. Categories of NLP technology
  3. Why is NLP so important?
  4. What’s the difference between NLP and Text Analytics?
  5. Machine Learning (ML) and NLP
  6. Knowledge Graphs and Neural Networks
  7. What are examples of NLP applications in business?

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an artificial…


In today’s digital world businesses need to make sense of online reviews and analyze what customers are trying to tell them. They can do this using AI-powered text analytics and sentiment analysis. One of the basic lessons that all companies should follow is that success lies in the hands of their customers. Understanding how those customers feel about your product or service is essential to financial survival and prosperity.

Fortunately, people love to write online reviews to express their feelings about their purchase experiences. People are passionate about what they choose to spend their money on, be it a new…

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis is the process of identifying feelings and emotions expressed in words, through Artificial Intelligence. Sentiment analysis in business empowers companies to spot negative or positive sentiments about their product or service with precision, and take necessary steps to address those areas. Through the millions of comments and opinions that are posted in social media chatter, online surveys, reviews, and even videos, businesses can find insights and know exactly what’s expected of them and act in real time.!

Today, user-generated content plays a bigger part in influencing consumer behavior than ever before. In fact, research shows that user-generated videos get 10 times more views than brand content. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok provide them just the right forum, even as businesses use TikTok as a marketing tool. And why not. However extraordinary the marketing, consumers still want authenticity in their product reviews and look to their peers for advice. As a marketer, whether you use TikTok for business or not, keeping track of thousands and thousands of hours of video content in related conversations is next to impossible…

Repustate, Canada’s premiere semantic technology company, announced a new partnership with Sentinic, an innovative start-up out of Warsaw, Poland who is developing the first software tool that monitors company reputation in real-time based on Google search results.

Repustate will be providing Sentinic with AI-powered Polish text analytics and sentiment analysis capabilities. Sentinic Product Leader, Tomasz Lewandowski said that “we tested a lot of different tools for sentiment analysis and not one gave us the level of accuracy that Repustate provides. We feel safe with integrating it into our platform.” The Sentinic platform is for people working in marketing, PR and…

In 2022 the global healthcare industry is estimated to be worth almost 12-trillion dollars. Yet at the center of this expansive domain sits “the patient”, who must experience the manner in which their illness is treated by a vast network of people, processes, and touchpoints, from their initial appointment to their final discharge. Over the last decade, there has been a major mind shift in healthcare from simple patient satisfaction to the more involved idea of the patient experience. This change is symptomatic of an industry trend toward a more patient-centered, patient centered healthcare delivery. …

Does your marketing strategy include uncovering brand and customer insights from Youtube videos? If not, it should. There are virtually millions of feelings and opinions about brands expressed by people on Youtube every day. Yet, when social media sentiment analysis is talked about, most people think of Twitter or Facebook, but not Youtube. This is because the idea of extracting brand insights from video seems near impossible, even though Youtube might very well be the Queen of product reviews.

Is Youtube a good source for Brand Insights?

The influence that Youtube has at various stages of a consumer’s purchase journey is undeniable. Shoppers frequently use YouTube before making…

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